Where to find Dayton's best Joe

Dayton Business Journal - February 8, 2008 - Caleb Stephens DBJ Managing Editor

Ahh. The relaxing intensity of a hot cup of coffee. For those who start each day with a cup, they understand the joys that can come from a good steaming mug o' joe. For those who don't drink coffee, they probably just roll their eyes at those who do.

But one thing is clear, the coffee market is percolating and people have a growing number of options to grab a cup. But where can one go to get the best cup of coffee in the Dayton area?

The Dayton Business Journal polled online readers (dayton.bizjournals.com) in January and what followed was a frantic back and forth race that tallied more votes than any recent poll.

In the end, local player Winans Chocolates and Coffees received the blue ribbon, collecting 45 percent of the votes. Winans, based in Piqua, has five area locations including a new store in the Dayton mall. But what is it about Winans coffee that people like? Many cited how the coffee is roasted locally and features a smooth taste.

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